The Canadian Pavilion I would be less than frank if I did not add that I feel we all have cause for concern over the magnitude of the tasks that must be accomplished. But accomplished those tasks were, and rise those islands did. To them would come cavalcades of families, school groups, cool kids, holiday makers, presidents, royalty, international rogues. Charles de Gaulle, the Shah of Iran, Haile Selassie, U Thant, Lyndon Johnson, Grace Kelly. Why, Ed Sullivan even broadcast a show from Expo! In all, more than 50 million visitors more than double the population of the country showed up to take in the artists paradise, a wonderland of avant-garde architecture, this Canadian melding of Londons Carnaby St. and Disneyland and The Jetsons and all the worlds fairs that had ever been. Not, of course, that it was without that Canadian penchant for large snits over small matters. The now-famous Expo symbol, designed by Montreal artist Julien Hebert, provoked much debate. Its theme of unity and common goals made a circle of stick-figure men with outstretched arms, and resonated of the peace symbol so prevalent in the day. Not everyone was a fan of the Expo 67 symbol. Though "arctic monstrosity" may have been a bit unfair.

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