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Be that as it may, on the morning of April 1, 1949, Smallwood took the oath as first premier of the Province of Newfoundland though it would be many a long year before his constituents stopped referring, when travelling west, to going to Canada. As Fraser recalled it, Smallwood was both loved and loathed at home, but some Newfoundlanders thought so highly of him they went to their coffins with photographs of Smallwood clutched to their chests. You dont see that much on the mainland for the likes of, say, Lorne Calvert in Saskatchewan, or Albertas Ed Stelmach, or Ontarios Ernie Eves. The thing about Newfoundland politicians is that long before late Toronto mayor Rob Ford or U.S. President Donald Trump grew famous for uttering the unutterable, they were doing it to their hearts content. As federal finance minister in the blink-and-you-miss-it PC government of Joe Clark circa 1979-80, Newfoundlands John Crosbie brought down his own government with his first budget. This was not particularly chastening to him, and he spent much of the rest of his career blurting out any impolitic (to the mainland, anyway) thoughts that occurred to him. As when he told Liberal Sheila Copps to just quiet down, baby thereby giving Copps the title of her autobiography, Nobodys Baby. As Crosbie, later lieutenant-governor of Newfoundland and Labrador, recalled: Im sure Brian Mulroney would like to forget how frequently he was called on to defend me, apologize for me, or remonstrate with me for something I said that offended someone somewhere. In Newfoundland and Labrador, they usually put that kind Weightlifting Chalk|Canada of thing in a politicians plus column. For Newfoundlanders usually love the outsider, the lost cause, the long shot, the underdog. Recall Brian Tobin, when he was federal fisheries minister, pouring his heart out in New York on behalf of the poor, overfished turbot (even as he held one dead, of course in his hands). Were down now finally to one last, lonely, unloved, unattractive little turbot clinging on by its fingertips to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, saying, Someone, reach out and save me in this eleventh hour! You cant teach that kind of magic. It comes from growing up out there in the Atlantic, one parish this side of Ireland.

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